Rodenstock lenses

Each lens glasses specifically suited for your eyes and your needs. White or color, plastic or glass discover more about the Rodenstock lenses that create a clear vision becomes no problematic.
Rodenstock is a leader in the development of modern lenses. Our Filisofi is an innovative solution to the so vision will return as natural and as comfortable as possible. Rodenstock is the advantage of experience over 130 years.

Leinz Lenses

Technology EUROPE, guarantee performance, precision and comfort of your eyes. Area field of view of vision far, medium and close up clear. Adaptation progressiv lenses easier than ever, the transition is smooth and sharp to the edge of the lens. For Transmatic lens where the material is fused with photocromicnya lens base material so that the colors are more durable than the lens photocromic other.

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